April 2015

All about steak stones

Usually, a kitchen will spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on pots and pans. The higher the quality, the better the result. While expensive doesn't always equate to good, you often get what you pay for.  With our steak on a stone concept, we don't have the opportunity to select pans for their material, [...]

It’s not all about steak on a stone at The Stone Grill

There is no doubt that both steak on a stone and fish on a stone are our signature dishes here at The Stone Grill, but we aren't just a two trick pony. We also offer a wide range of other dishes too and will even serve them on plates! Our menus change all the time [...]

Steak on a Stone

As Blackpool's newest steakhouse and seafood restaurant, The Stone Grill has a lot of work to do to make a name for ourselves. Fortunately, we're off to a great start having been recommended numerous times from hotel guests and locals alike! What is going to really set us apart is our signature dish. As we [...]