July 2015

Quick and easy ways to cook fish

Cooking fish well is one of those key skills any chef or aspiring cook needs to know. Once you have the proper technique, you can have a hearty, healthy dinner prepared in as little as 10 minutes. When every second counts in our busy lives, that can make a real difference! Fish is a very [...]

How to buy the freshest fish possible

So far, we have talked extensively about meat as steak on a stone is our signature dish. Yet we also sell a lot of fish and given that we are a seaside restaurant in Blackpool, we should talk about our second best-seller a little more. So with that in mind, we talked to our chef [...]

Five things to look for when buying steak

Unless you're fortunate enough to have your own butcher deliver to your door like us here at The Stone Grill, you need to know how to spot quality meat when you see it. Quality steak is paramount is you're going to enjoy your own steak on a stone or eat the steak the normal way. [...]

How is steak aged?

There is definitely a difference in the quality of taste between fresh and aged steak, which is why we value aged meat more. Aged steak is often recommended as some of the best steak you can buy. Today we are going to find out why it tastes so good and how it is aged. Steak [...]