August 2015

How to properly marinate a steak

Here at The Stone Grill, we like the natural taste of the steak we serve, but we also appreciate that a good marinade can transform the taste of even the best meat. When steak is as important a food as we consider it to be, it deserves the very best. So every now and again [...]

Top ten tips for cooking fish on the barbecue

While cooking fish on a stone is our favourite way of preparing great food here at The Stone Grill, we love a good barbecue too. While the sun is with us for now, millions of people are dusting off the barbecue and cooking on coals. It is a fantastic way to cook food and we [...]

The cook’s guide to buying sustainable fish

Our fish buying habits have changed a lot over the past couple of decades. From buying mainly cod or haddock we have now embraced foreign fish, farmed fish and some one less popular species. The Stone Grill is behind the idea of using only sustainable fish. It not only preserves what fish stocks are left, [...]