September 2015

North Sea cod back from the brink

We greeted last week's news that North Sea cod is off the endangered list at long last. We might just be able to enjoy North Sea cod as a fish on a stone soon! The Marine Conservation Society announced that fish stocks had recovered enough that it could safely and sustainably be brought back onto [...]

An entire year of steak on a stone

It has been a great year for The Stone Grill. While there are still three potentially busy months ahead of us, the main summer season is now behind us and it has been a great one. Despite the great British weather, holidaymakers have flocked to Blackpool to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. And some [...]

Why do we sometimes crave a good steak?

Food cravings aren't just for when you're on a diet or going carb-free or some other eating regime. Sometimes your mind and body just wants to enjoy a particular food, especially if you're going without or reducing your consumption of it. While there is nothing better than eating a fresh steak on a stone, sometimes [...]

Quick fish marinades

As promised, this week we are going to feature some of our favourite fish marinades. Unlike steak, the majority of fish dishes need that little something extra to make them sing. That's where a good marinade comes in. Just a few ingredients can completely transform a meal from something ordinary into something extraordinary. Here at [...]

Quick steak marinades

Some days we like our steak clean with little seasoning, cooked on a stone and served and that's enough. Sometimes, we like something with a little more bite which is where a marinade comes in. A good quality, healthy steak marinade can transform a dish. So without wasting any more of your valuable time, here [...]