October 2015

The Stone Grill is taking Christmas bookings right now!

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a bit of steak on stone? Or even a fish on a stone? Turkey is for the day itself, at home with the family. If that isn’t your thing, join us at The Stone Grill in Blackpool for something a bit different! You won’t find any turkey [...]

How to make a cheap steak taste fantastic

While you can't beat a little steak on stone action, not everyone lives close enough to The Stone Grill to enjoy it. Also, not everyone can afford or justify the cost of having prime cuts of steak for their dinner. With that in mind, we are checking out some cheaper cuts of steak and seeing [...]

Five things we bet you didn’t know about steak

Here at The Stone Grill, we're mad about everything to do with steak and fish, whether learning new ways to prepare a steak on a stone or trying innovative fish recipes that make our favourite seafood sing. In the process of experimenting, exploring and developing our knowledge of these subjects, we have stumbled across some [...]

Eight things you never do when cooking steak

Here at The Stone Grill in Blackpool, we don't really like rules, yet even we appreciate that sometimes they are there to make life more manageable. It isn't often, but just occasionally, rules make life better. That's what these rules intend to do. If you're into your steak, which is likely considering what blog you're [...]