November 2015

Developing a restaurant menu

We were asked the other day by a diner at The Stone Grill how we developed the menu we offer. The diner was interested to know the process of coming up with dishes and how we selected the ones we serve from the hundreds of thousands of recipes out there. In the beginning, the menu [...]

Healthy fish recipes

In the lead up to Christmas, many of us find ourselves looking to low calorie recipes or fad diets to prepare ourselves for the indulgent season to come. We at The Stone Grill are no different. We try to eat healthily all year round but we can’t help but look to December and gird ourselves [...]

Quick fish sauce recipes

This week we are in the mood for fish. While we love our pure, fresh fish on a stone, sometimes we like a nice sauce to add a completely different character. Learning different sauces is one of the basics of becoming a better cook so we have collected some of our favourite fish sauce recipes [...]