December 2015

Quick and healthy steak recipes for after Christmas meals

So now all the fuss is over and done with and we are in that relaxed lull between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, it’s the usual time to think of health, losing weight and eating better. We all do it. We eat too much over the holiday, then spend January making up for it. [...]

The Stone Grill quick steak buying guide

We have covered buying steak before, but a couple of guests asked this week how to buy the kind of great quality steak we serve at The Stone Grill. Having previously only bought their meat at the supermarket, both guests wanted to move away from pre-packed meat toward butcher fresh. Of course we were happy [...]

The Stone Grill Christmas opening times

If you want some steak on stone action, you need to book now to avoid disappointment. Even we have been surprised at how many people want to share some of their Christmas break with us! As The Stone Grill is part of the North Ocean Hotel and as we are both open all Christmas and [...]

Quick steak recipes for Christmas emergencies

We have all been there. You’re sitting comfortably at home watching reruns of Only Fools and Horses when the doorbell goes. Surprise! It’s relatives you haven’t seen since last Christmas and they all want something to eat and drink. That’s fine if you’re the type who always has something on hand but for the rest [...]

Steak on stone cooking – meat storage

All the meat used here at The Stone Grill is freshly delivered from our butcher. However, those of you trying steak on stone cooking at home may not have the luxury of a butcher delivering your ingredients to your door. That’s why you need to know how to properly store your steak. If you want [...]