January 2016

Quick and easy roast fish dinner

We were looking through some recipes the other day to get some inspiration for new dishes for the Stone Grill. It’s always good to shake things up a bit and try something new. We like doing it and our diners like us doing it. It’s a win win! While planning for the spring and summer [...]

What makes the perfect steak dinner

We realise that ‘perfect’ is subjective. My idea of a perfect steak dinner differs from our chef, who differs from the waiting staff, who differ from just about everyone. However, we all agree that you can’t really go wrong with a nice piece of steak, some good quality sides and perhaps a sauce. As we [...]

What to serve with your steak: Steak sauces

Last week we discussed sides as the supporting cast to a great steak. We covered chips, tomatoes, onion rings, roasted vegetables, creamed spinach, salad and bruschetta. As promised, this week we will list some lovely steak sauces to complete a fantastic meal. Then you’ll have no excuse to not get some quality meat from your [...]

What to serve with your steak

A good number of discussions we have with The Stone Grill customers revolves around what to have with a steak. Those conversations usually include sauces, seasonings and accompaniments, as well as cooking methods and how to cook the steak properly. We love talking about food, it’s why we’re in this business! While the steak is [...]