February 2016

Top tips for marinating steak

Regular readers of The Stone Grill’s blog will know that we highly rate marinades as a great way to enhance the natural loveliness of a good steak. A quality piece of meat is great on its own, but a well-chosen and executed marinade can transform a steak into something truly special. Marinades don’t work quite [...]

Get the most out of your steak with these top tips

We must admit to having been surprised at how popular steak on a stone has become. While we have plenty of other dishes on the menu, it is the steak on a stone that remains the most popular choice. However, if you don’t live near to the Stone Grill, we still want you to enjoy [...]

All you need to know about marinating fish

Fish is one of the most versatile proteins we have. Caught and served fresh, it needs little or no sauce, seasoning or fuss to get the best out of it. Yet, if you’re in the mood to add a sauce, marinade or seasoning, the fish is happy to work with it and will reward you [...]

Fast Fish Dinner

Last week’s quick and easy roast fish dinner seemed to go down quite well with our readers. So much so that we thought we would post another quick fish recipe for you to try. This one comes from one of The Stone Grill waiting team who cooks this for their family. It isn’t something we [...]