March 2016

Everything you need to know about Wagyu beef

You may have noticed an 8oz Wagyu beef fillet on the Stone Grill menu and wondered what it was. You may have heard about Wagyu on the news, read it in a lifestyle magazine or somewhere else. Why are people talking about a type of beef? What is all the fuss about and why is [...]

What people have been saying about The Stone Grill

The Stone Grill steak and fish restaurant in Blackpool has been open for over a year now. In that time we have learned a lot, refined our dishes, our service and the offering in general to align better with guest expectations. That learning process continues, but I thought it would be useful to have a [...]

Why is steak so special?

We had a very interesting chat with a customer the other day about why it is that steak has been elevated above most other meats. We talked about why steak is talked about more than other cuts and why it is venerated over other types of meat. Most quality meats tastes nice, so why is [...]

Eat steak to lose weight

Even though we are far removed from London, having lived close to the capital for a while, we occasionally peruse the London Evening Standard. As local papers go, it’s one of the better ones. It spends a lot of time and page space on lifestyle which we like to read about. A recent story was [...]

Make Mother’s Day special at The Stone Grill restaurant Blackpool

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday (6th March) and what better way to show her you love her than bringing her to The Stone Grill restaurant in Blackpool. We are open as usual on the day and won’t be charging extra for the privilege of dining with us! With a menu full of traditional classics, [...]