April 2016

Five steps to the perfect fillet steak

There is nothing quite like a fillet steak to reward a job well done, unwind after a hard day or to celebrate something. The meat is something special and makes the ideal reward. If you’re going to cook a premium piece of meat like a fillet steak, you need to do it well. Here’s how. [...]

Top ten herbs to use with seafood

Fish is an amazing ingredient but can be a little on the bland side unless you give it a little love and attention. Whether you’re visiting The Stone Grill for a fish on a stone or cooking something at home, knowing what herbs to use in a fish dish can make all the difference! Basil [...]

Change is coming to The Stone Grill

The Stone Grill has been open a little over a year. The restaurant began life as part of the North Ocean Hotel but quickly gained a personality and a following of its own. It soon grew from being a hotel restaurant into a destination in its own right. We could never have predicted how popular [...]