June 2016

Brexit and our fishing quotas, what happens now?

As a leading seafood restaurant in Blackpool, we here at the Stone Grill were naturally concerned about how the news from last Friday will affect our fishing industry and the quality and quantity of fish we get on our shores. As quotas have long been a point of contention for both sides of the debate, [...]

Five steps to the perfect fillet steak

There is nothing quite like a fillet steak to reward a job well done, unwind after a hard day or to celebrate something special. The meat is something special and makes the ideal reward. If you’re going to cook a premium piece of meat like a fillet steak, you need to do it well. Here’s [...]

Fish on a stone

We spoke last week about the signature dish here at The Stone Grill being steak on a stone. It isn't our only signature, we also cook fish on a stone too. It's a unique experience that delivers the same kind of theatrical and sensory experience that cooking steak does, but with seafood. The fresher your [...]