July 2016

The Stone Grill’s quick guide to beef cuts

Most of us know the basic differences in steak cuts, in fact we have covered them here on the Stone Grill blog before. But what about beef? Do you know the difference between your brisket and your onglet? I must admit that until I began working with a chef, I had no idea there were [...]

How to cook fish to get that perfect crispy skin

One of the most popular fish-related questions we get asked here at The Stone Grill is how we manage to get the skin crispy every time. Quite a few guests this year have commented that they can never manage the combination of soft fish and crispy skin. With that in mind, we asked our chef [...]

Two fantastic homemade steak marinades

If you can’t make it to the Stone Grill for a fresh steak on a stone, cooking one at home comes a close second. Get a good quality piece of meat fresh from the butcher and marinade it with one of these homemade marinades. We tried them the other night when we were experimenting at [...]

Top tips for seasoning fish

Too many people are afraid of cooking fish. It seems it’s a skill that our grandparents were quite comfortable with, but an entire generation risks missing out on the delights of seafood. As a seafood restaurant in Blackpool, the Stone Grill is obviously interesting in whetting everyone’s appetite for the fruits of the sea. In [...]