August 2016

How to barbecue sea bass

After a fantastic bank holiday weekend, we thought it timely to create another barbecue post, but this time for one of our favourite fish. Sea bass is a ‘meaty’ fish with a delicate flavour that lends itself perfectly to being grilled or barbecued. It takes heat well, can be flavoured in any number of ways [...]

How to barbecue a T-bone steak

While we would much rather you enjoyed a steak on a stone at The Stone Grill in Blackpool, we appreciate that late summer is the ideal time for barbecue. It isn’t often we can get the grill out, dust of the charcoal and the firelighters and enjoy some smoky fun in the garden so we [...]

Seasonal produce: August

Any restaurant worth its salt works with seasonal produce. Whether it’s a steakhouse in Blackpool like the Stone Grill or a Michelin starred eatery in the capital. Seasonal produce not only brings colour and variety to the table but the opportunity to experiment a bit too. So this post is the first of what will [...]

How to buy a good set of kitchen knives

Following on from last week’s post about kitchen knives, here is a quick buyers guide for them. It’s all very well telling you which knives are useful for what purpose but if we don’t give you a little help with buying them we aren’t very good at our job are we? As a leading steakhouse [...]

All you need to know about kitchen knives

Do you know your paring knife from your boning knife? Your filleting knife from your chef’s knife? Most people don’t. So while we are waiting for the finishing touches to be put on The Stone Grill’s new restaurant premises in Blackpool, let’s look at the most important implement in the kitchen, the knife. No chef [...]