September 2016

What seasonal produce is available in October?

The autumn months are very fruitful ones in agriculture. It used to be the last gasp before winter where everything would come out of the fields and into storage before the frosts hit. Even though farming has changed a lot since then, there are still quite a few seasonal ingredients that are at their best [...]

How to make a career out of cooking

Here at The Stone Grill, we get quite a few prospective CVs through our door asking for a job or asking to be put on the list for when a vacancy comes up. It’s great to see how much energy people want to bring to the kitchen and how many people view cooking as a [...]

Why fresh food is so much better than processed food part 2.

So last week, I discussed how to identify processed food and why fresh is better. We only use fresh ingredients here at The Stone Grill and I am quite evangelical about watching what I put in my body. While I shall stay firmly off the soapbox, I do want readers to appreciate fresh food whether [...]

Why fresh food is so much better than processed

There is a lot of talk in the media and pretty much everywhere about how the ‘old ways’ of cooking are much better than the new. One such subject is food. That subject is not only very contentious, it is also full of questionable assumptions and misinformation. However, one thing is clear, fresh food is [...]