March 2017

Is steak really best when served rare?

Ask many chefs around the world to cook you medium well or, shudder, well done steak and they won’t be happy. But why? Why is it regarded as such sacrilege to cook a steak anything more than medium rare? Is a steak really best when served rare? Not all steaks are at their best when [...]

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a lovely lime-marinated flank steak

If you don’t live close enough to The Stone Grill to take your mother out this Mother’s Day, why not cook her a lovely steak dinner instead? While steak is often viewed as a masculine ingredient, when cooked right, it appeals to everyone. That is exactly what this lime-marinated flank steak recipe will do. The [...]

How to cook Monkfish

On the back on my piece on ‘How to cook crab’, someone asked me how to cook monkfish. As the fish itself is quite expensive but the results of a well cooked fish are so good, learning how to cook it properly has obvious benefits. As I am always happy to help a guest, here [...]