April 2017

Reduce fat but not flavour with this fantastic steak dish

Most cuts of steak are not high in fat at all. Even fattier cuts don’t have that much fat in them, most of which will render during cooking. A balance of fat and meat is vital to get the best flavour out of the steak but there is a lot we can do to reduce [...]

How to make an amazing peppercorn sauce for your next steak

Sometimes a steak should be lightly seasoned and then left alone to sing on its own merits. The taste, texture and smell should be enough to delight the senses without any marinade, sauce or messing about. Sometimes though, a well-balanced sauce can take a steak just that one step further from great piece of meat [...]

The best beef cuts for lovers of lean meat

If you’re on a calorie controlled diet or prefer to eat lean meat, beef isn’t often at the top of your list. But, if you choose the right cut you can have all the benefits of a nice steak or piece of beef without the fat content. There are some seriously low fat cuts available [...]