May 2017

How to barbecue a steak perfectly every time

This bank holiday weekend is supposed to be a good one in parts of the country. With it being the last one before August, there are going to be lots of barbecues being used over the coming few days. Which usually results in burnt offerings to hungry people. Burning perfectly good steak on the barbecue [...]

Five common misteaks we make when cooking steak

See what I did there? There are a number of mistakes you can make when cooking or preparing steak. From too much seasoning to not enough, fiddling with it too much to cooking it in olive oil. We have tried them all. For such a simple ingredient, you would think we would be a little [...]

Filet Mignon with a sweet coffee and bourbon sauce

It isn’t often I would countenance having a steak as quality as Filet Mignon and covering it in a sauce, but this one I tried when travelling is a little different. Incorporating two very strong flavours, coffee and bourbon along with a delicate but robust steak seems like culinary suicide but it works amazingly well. [...]