August 2018

Is this the most complicated way to cook a steak?

You can always depend on a scientist to take something simple and make it complicated. Cooking a steak is no different. What is a relatively straightforward process has been complicated to the nth degree in this nonetheless interesting process concocted by Materials scientist Professor Mark Miodownik. Hosted on the BBC’s iWonder website, Professor Miodownik describes [...]

July 2018

Zingy steak salad recipes fit for summer

With the weather being unusually amazing, dining outside has never been more attractive. If you don’t fancy a steak dinner delivered directly to your door by The Stone Grill, how about making this steak salad recipe? It’s light, easy to make and takes less than 15 minutes to prepare. That’s more time in the sunshine! [...]

Watch the World Cup while eating well with a delivery from The Stone Grill in Blackpool

So England has made it to the quarter finals and could go further if their current form is anything to go by. Even if the team doesn’t advance, the fact they have overcome our penalty problem is good enough for me! What better way to make the most of the most dynamic of football tournaments [...]

June 2018

Order a Stone Grill meal delivery from our very own app!

You know the Stone Grill is offering home delivery now right? Did you also know that you can order food to be delivered directly from our very own app? Available for both Apple and Android, the free app enables you to order delicious food and have it delivered directly to your door. Stone Grill home [...]

Announcing the Stone Grill summer set menu!

With summer finally here, it’s time to celebrate the good weather with a seasonal set menu that makes the most of fresh ingredients and our taste for great steak. The menu is available now from Sunday to Thursday. You get three tasty courses for only £18.99. That is unbeatable value considering the quality on offer! [...]

May 2018

Thai-style steak salad recipe

With the weather picking up a bit and the wind and rain having (mostly) subsided, it’s salad season in Britain. The time when ingredients are fresh and local and we are more in the mood for something light and healthy rather than calorie-laden to help keep us warm. One of my favourite salads is this [...]

What ingredients are in season for May?

Steak may be the main event in most meals but it needs a top quality supporting cast to make it really shine. Here at The Stone Grill, we try to use fresh local ingredients wherever possible. Much depends on what’s in season and what is not. For the firm favourites, if we can’t buy locally, [...]

April 2018

The Stone Grill may be known for its steak but we serve fish too. Fresh local catch of the day as well as established family favourites. We do like to experiment within the kitchen though to explore new fish, new seasonal ingredients and potential new dishes for the menu. This spring bream recipe went down [...]

The Stone Grill is now offering home delivery!

Want a taste of fantastic fresh food without leaving your home? Live in Blackpool and want the Stone Grill experience without having to dress up? Great news folks, The Stone Grill is now offering home food delivery in Blackpool! We even have our own app where you can order your meal. Otherwise, visit this page [...]

March 2018

Cooking steak, to rest or not to rest

Before opening The Stone Grill, I had no idea there was so much technique involved in cooking steak. Throughout my life I had bought my favourite steak cut from my butcher, seasoned it and thrown it in a pan or on the BBQ. Now I am older and a little wiser, I realise there is [...]