The Stone Grill introduces the Steak and Tinsel menu

Tomorrow the Stone Grill restaurant in Blackpool is introducing our new Steak and Tinsel menu. It runs from December 1st 2017 for the Christmas period and features a holiday-themed menu with some delicious winter favourites. With the exception of our special Christmas Day menu, Steak and Tinsel will run all month. Steak and Tinsel Menu [...]

What can you drink with your steak if you don’t like red wine?

Traditionally, we would pair a nice red wine with steak as the rich red meat and red wine go together very well. But what about if you don’t want or don’t like red wine? What then? Sure you could have a beer but everyone does that. So what are some other great options for an [...]

How to properly cook thick steaks

The Stone Grill blog has covered many way of cooking steaks properly, either frying, grilling or barbecuing. One thing we haven’t yet covered is how to properly cook thicker cuts of steak. Traditional cuts are usually only a couple of centimetres thick, making it easy to see how well it is cooked. But what about [...]

Lime marinated flank steak with a touch of Thai

Flank steak is a cheaper cut of meat that still delivers quite a flavour hit when prepared properly. Taken from the abdominal area of the animal, the meat needs to be tenderised and preferably marinated to get the best out of it. This Thai-inspired recipe with lime is a fantastic way to use flank steak [...]

Cooking the perfect steak according to Gordon Ramsay

One of the world’s most talented chefs has published a video showing how to make the perfect steak. Promoted on his Facebook page, Ramsay shows us how to cook an amazing steak that seems a little flashy first time round but when tasted is absolutely delicious. The video was published back in July and I [...]

How to smoke steak – A beginners guide

I was fortunate enough to go to a barbecue at a friend’s house during the summer and have barbecued smoked steak. It was amazing. Only recently had I the time to catch up with him to find out how he did it. Smoking meat is primarily an American thing but it is slowly gaining ground [...]

Top tips for barbecuing steak this August bank holiday

The final bank holiday of the summer is almost upon us and the Met Office says it’s going to be a good one. I thought now would be a good time for some top steak tips. Summertime is barbecue time and if this weekend is indeed going to be sunny, it may be the final [...]

Steak salad with lime and ginger dressing

I am a big fan of citrus flavours and of ginger so when we were trying out this recipe in The Stone Grill kitchen the other day I got quite excited. It combines a good piece of steak, an innovative salad with a very flavoursome dressing. It ended up not working out for the menu [...]

The Stone Grill’s method of reducing food waste

Food waste is getting a lot of national attention. At last some say and I am among them. As a restauranteur, it is my responsibility to provide excellent food to my diners but do it responsibly. That means securing great quality fresh food but also using it in the most efficient way possible. The drive [...]

Sizzling summer skirt steak with herb salad recipe

While I would happily eat steak all year round, and do, summer is a particularly good time to enjoy our favourite meat. The sun is shining, you can grill or barbecue, eat socially with friends in the garden or al fresco wherever you like. Brits value their summer like no other nation so it’s only [...]