May 2018

Thai-style steak salad recipe

With the weather picking up a bit and the wind and rain having (mostly) subsided, it’s salad season in Britain. The time when ingredients are fresh and local and we are more in the mood for something light and healthy rather than calorie-laden to help keep us warm. One of my favourite salads is this [...]

What ingredients are in season for May?

Steak may be the main event in most meals but it needs a top quality supporting cast to make it really shine. Here at The Stone Grill, we try to use fresh local ingredients wherever possible. Much depends on what’s in season and what is not. For the firm favourites, if we can’t buy locally, [...]

April 2018

The Stone Grill may be known for its steak but we serve fish too. Fresh local catch of the day as well as established family favourites. We do like to experiment within the kitchen though to explore new fish, new seasonal ingredients and potential new dishes for the menu. This spring bream recipe went down [...]

The Stone Grill is now offering home delivery!

Want a taste of fantastic fresh food without leaving your home? Live in Blackpool and want the Stone Grill experience without having to dress up? Great news folks, The Stone Grill is now offering home food delivery in Blackpool! We even have our own app where you can order your meal. Otherwise, visit this page [...]

March 2018

Cooking steak, to rest or not to rest

Before opening The Stone Grill, I had no idea there was so much technique involved in cooking steak. Throughout my life I had bought my favourite steak cut from my butcher, seasoned it and thrown it in a pan or on the BBQ. Now I am older and a little wiser, I realise there is [...]

Survive the Beast from the East with this delicious steak stew

While the country is shivering on what is the meteorological first day of spring, here at the Stone Grill we are hard at work experimenting with new dishes. This steak stew is perfect for cold days and while we won’t be adding it to the new menu, I think it delicious enough to want to [...]

February 2018

Sous vide steak?

If you have visited The Stone Grill this year and sampled our Winter Menu, you will already know that we like playing with your food. Experimentation is part of the creative process in any restaurant and your favourite steakhouse in Blackpool is no exception. This week we were experimenting with sous vide. Sous vide Sous [...]

The best way to defrost steak

Steak purists may gasp when they see a headline like that, but in the real world freezing food is essential. We are often too busy to go to the butcher and buy fresh meat whenever we need it and buying in advance and freezing steak until we need it is often a necessity. After all, [...]

January 2018

Come and try the midweek two course winter menu at The Stone Grill!

To keep your spirits up while the nights are still long and the skies are grey, The Stone Grill has a delicious winter menu to tempt you out of the house. The menu, taken from our most popular dishes are designed to keep you warm, happy and satisfied in what looks to be a long [...]

Happy New Year from The Stone Grill!

Welcome to 2018! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and are ready to face the year ahead. The team here at The Stone Grill are eager to welcome you all to our restaurant where we are serving some of our best food yet! Late December saw the busiest two weeks ever [...]